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Discover Our CBD Herbal Teas and Infusions

Discover our cannabidiol-based herbal teas and infusions, 100% made in France! We have combined hemp with the best of plants and fruits known for their multiple properties. Our preparations offer you all the benefits of nature and CBD to enjoy from morning to night for optimal well-being. Our various blends for CBD infusion or herbal tea meet all your expectations: to start the day right, for a gourmet break, or for a moment of relaxation before going to bed.

What's the Difference Between CBD Infusion and Herbal Tea?

Infusion is actually a technique for consuming herbal tea. It’s one of the most common ways to prepare a herbal tea which involves boiling water, pouring it over the blends of plants, herbs, or dried fruits, and letting it steep before enjoying.

Are CBD Herbal Teas and Infusions Legal?

All our CBD herbal teas include organic CBD hemp and comply with the current standards in terms of THC. As with other CBD-derived products that do not exceed the maximum allowed percentage of THC, the sale and consumption of CBD infusions and herbal teas are perfectly legal. Wait no more and discover the beneficial effects of cannabidiol in infusion and herbal tea!

Why Consume CBD in Infusion?

Derived from hemp, cannabidiol is a molecule with strong therapeutic potential that positively affects the brain and nervous system. Drinking it as a herbal tea combines its benefits with those of plants such as:

  • Vervain, used since antiquity for its anti-stress effect, facilitates falling asleep.

  • Rooibos, native to South Africa, contains no caffeine. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It also has antioxidant, soothing, and diuretic properties.

  • Finally, Sencha green tea, from Japan, is a precious ally in strengthening the immune system. Rich in polyphenols and theine, it helps effectively combat the minor ailments of winter while stimulating concentration and memorization.

Consuming a CBD-based herbal tea will surely offer you a pleasant moment of relaxation!

What Are the Benefits of CBD Infusions?

CBD is known to possess numerous properties that allow it to act on several everyday ailments:

Emotional disorders: combined with the right plants, CBD in infusion is a real remedy for anxiety and stress. Nervous individuals feel more conclusive benefits with infusions than with other products. The results take longer to arrive but last much longer.

Chronic pain: CBD also has analgesic virtues, reaching the effectiveness of some analgesics without causing side effects. Whether to relieve muscle soreness, joint pain, or difficult periods, CBD infusion will help soothe your inflammation.

Immune deficiency: CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system which helps the body maintain stability under all circumstances by regulating essential functions such as blood sugar, temperature, or blood pressure. By consuming cannabidiol infusions, you contribute to strengthening your immune system!

Digestive disorders: it's well known, herbal teas are precious allies in the digestion process. Adding the effects of cannabidiol multiplies the benefits. Clearly, the digestive system is particularly receptive to the CBD molecule and draws from it the necessary resources to facilitate digestion. It also helps reduce cramps and acid reflux.

Sleep disorders: our vervain and rooibos teas are ideal for those suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders. Consumed before going to bed, they will help you establish a better balance of sleep cycles, thanks to their soothing and relaxing properties. Try our CBD infusions for sleep!

How Much CBD in Infusions and Herbal Teas?

The tea blends from La Ferme du CBD are prepared with specific plants, and the proportion of cannabidiol contained in each sachet is minor. CBD Verveine Menthe, Rooibos Fruits Rouges, and Sencha Green Tea infusions are made up of 90% plants and 10% organic CBD hemp. Ideal for those who don’t appreciate the taste and smell of hemp!

How to Choose Your CBD Infusion?

Choose the flavor you prefer - Verveine Menthe, Rooibos Fruits Rouges, or Sencha Green Tea - and enjoy all the benefits of CBD while savoring a good herbal tea! These infusions are an ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t appreciate the aroma of cannabidiol.

How to Make a CBD Infusion?

To prepare your CBD herbal tea, nothing could be simpler! Just infuse about a tea ball's worth (approximately 2g) in boiling water for 10 minutes. To make the most of CBD's effects in your herbal tea, it's recommended to add milk (plant-based or dairy), butter, or cream to release the active ingredients of cannabidiol. Since it is not water-soluble (liposoluble) and needs lipids to mix. This way, you increase the relaxing effects of your CBD herbal tea.

When to Consume a CBD Infusion?

Morning to night! CBD infusion can be drunk at breakfast, after meals, at snack time, or integrated into your evening routine for a peaceful night and optimal sleep. However, those more sensitive to theine might want to avoid Sencha green tea, which could prevent them from sleeping. In this case, opt for a caffeine-free rooibos or the well-known soothing vervain infusion. CBD herbal tea, the perfect ally for a good sleep!

What Are Other Ways to Consume CBD?

In addition to consuming CBD in infusion or herbal tea, and to vary the pleasures, you can also use it in other forms:

  • CBD oil, for example, is highly appreciated for its wide range of products and its multiple benefits. Its CBD content of 5 to 40% allows everyone to find the oil that meets their needs, whether they want to relax, regain restorative sleep, or even relieve stubborn pain.

  • If you're looking for the effects of CBD without the smell or taste, or if you're unsure of the exact dose of cannabidiol you need, CBD capsules are a perfect compromise between convenience and efficacy.

  • You can also use CBD flowers, to incorporate into cooking recipes or to inhale using a vaporizer.

  • Finally, adults can enjoy the pleasure of dipping into a packet of CBD candies to enjoy its virtues. This tasty solution also allows you to benefit from the advantages of cannabidiol discreetly!