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Discover our cannabidiol-based infusions! We have combined hemp with the best plants and fruits, recognized for their multiple properties. Our preparations offer you all the benefits of nature and CBD to enjoy from morning to night, for an optimal well-being effect. Our different blends meet all your expectations, whether you want to start the day off well, enjoy a snack during your break or have a moment of relaxation before going to bed.

Why consume CBD in an infusion?

Cannabidiol from hemp is a therapeutic molecule that acts positively on the brain and nervous system. Drinking it in herbal tea makes it possible to combine it with plants that are already known for their benefits.

Vervain, used since ancient times for its anti-stress effect, makes it easier to fall asleep.

Sencha, a green tea which comes from Japan, is a valuable ally in terms of strengthening the immune system. Rich in polyphenols and theine, it helps to fight off the small ailments of winter effectively, while stimulating concentration and memory too, for example.

Finally, rooibos, originally from South Africa, does not contain caffeine. It can therefore be enjoyed at any time of the day. It is also believed to have antioxidant, soothing and diuretic properties.

Consuming a CBD herbal tea is bound to bring you a moment of relaxation.

How should you prepare a CBD infusion?

Nothing could be more straightforward! Simply brew in a cup the equivalent of a tea ball (i.e. about 2g) in boiling water for 10 minutes.

To enjoy the effects of CBD in your herbal tea, it is recommended that you add milk (vegetable or animal), butter or cream to release the active ingredients in cannabidiol. Indeed, cannabidiol is not soluble in water and therefore needs lipids in order to get mixed in. In this way, you increase the relaxing effects of your herbal tea.

What are the benefits of CBD infusions?

CBD has many properties that allow it to act on several everyday ailments:

  • Emotional disorders: associated with the right plants, CBD infusion is a real remedy for anxiety and stress. Nervous people experience more conclusive benefits with infusions than with other products. The results are slower in coming, but they last much longer.
  • Chronic pain: CBD is known for its analgesic properties, which achieve the same effectiveness as certain analgesics, without causing side effects. Whether it's to relieve aches, joint pain or difficult periods, CBD infusion will soothe your inflammation.
  • Immune deficiency: CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system, which allows the body to maintain its stability in all circumstances, by regulating essential functions such as blood sugar, temperature or blood pressure. By consuming cannabidiol infusions, you strengthen your immune system!
  • Digestive disorders: it is well known that herbal teas are valuable allies in the digestion process. If we add to that the effects of cannabidiol, the benefits are increased tenfold. Obviously, the digestive system is particularly receptive to the CBD molecule and draws from it the necessary resources to facilitate digestion. It also helps reduce cramps and acid reflux.

At what time of day can I consume a CBD infusion?

From morning to night! CBD infusion can be drunk for breakfast, after meals, when having a snack or as part of your evening routine. Be careful, though: those most sensitive to theine will prefer to avoid Sencha green tea, which could prevent them from falling asleep. In this case, choose a rooibos tea, which doesn't contain caffeine, or the verbena-based infusion, which is well known for its relaxing properties.

What are the other ways to consume CBD?

To vary your enjoyment, you can equally well use CBD in a range of different forms.

CBD oil, for example, is highly appreciated for its wide range and multiple benefits. Its CBD content, ranging from 5 to 40%, allows everyone to find the oil that meets their needs, depending on whether they want to relax, get a good night’s sleep again, or even relieve recalcitrant pain.

If you are looking for the effects of CBD that have no smell or taste, or if you don't really know what dose of cannabidiol you need, CBD capsules are a perfect compromise between practicality and effectiveness.

Finally, older children will be able to find pleasure in picking from a pack of CBD sweets, to enjoy its benefits. This fun solution also allows you to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol discreetly!