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The best of CBG oils

CBG oil concentrates all the benefits of one of the most effective cannabinoids from legal cannabis. Especially if you consume one of the high-quality CBG and CBD oils offered by The CBD Farm.

Why consume CBG and CBD oil?

CBG (or cannabigerol) is one of the many cannabinoids found in hemp. Rarer and more difficult to extract than CBD, it is a molecule with promising therapeutic potential. Existing research on CBG shows that it is very effective as an anti-inflammatory, an antibacterial and an appetite stimulant. Cannabigerol also acts as a calming agent on people who are excessively anxious and stressed. Like all cannabinoids, cannabigerol is most effective when combined with other active substances from legal cannabis. Choosing a CBD and CBG oil therefore optimizes the beneficial action that cannabinoids have on the body. The amount of CBG assimilated guarantees you a high efficiency. But this will also be reinforced by CBD. The cannabinoids in legal hemp act in a synergistic manner, making it possible to strengthen the action of each molecule. You therefore benefit from a real cocktail of cannabinoids for your well-being. The great advantage of a CBG oil is also that it does not present any contraindications or risk of addiction. It is a product with natural origins that acts on the body gently. A few drops of CBG oil and CBD under the tongue are enough to give you rapid relief. You can also take it regularly throughout the day to maintain that zen feeling.

CBG and CBD oils from The CBD Farm

The CBD Farm favours high-quality raw materials, to guarantee you an effective CBG and CBD oil without any side effects on your health. The hemp used for this product is grown without pesticides or fertilizers and has the organic farming label. Our CBG and CBD oil is obtained from a variety of Cannabis L Sativa that is naturally rich in cannabidiol. It is enriched with CBG that is also of natural origin. Our oils’ perfect dosage between CBD and CBG gives them a very high efficiency. All the more so given that our CBG and CBD oil is full spectrum. It therefore contains all the molecules of legal cannabis (terpenes, cannabinoids) that participate in the famous entourage effect, and makes it possible to boost the action of CBD and CBG. According to the legislation, CBG oil has a THC content of less than 0.2%. Our CBD and CBG oils are available in several concentrations of active ingredients. They are also packaged in vials that protect them from light and are fitted with caps with a pipette. It will therefore be very easy for you to dose the CBG oil according to your needs. With CBG and CBD oil from The CBD Farm, enjoy the best of cannabinoids for your well-being!