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Indoor CBD is undoubtedly the variety of cannabidiol most appreciated by connoisseurs. Thanks to total control of hemp growth and its environment, indoor CBD flowers indeed produce a very high-quality product.

Indoor CBD Flowers: A High-End Cultivation Method

Grown in a "dark room", that is, a cultivation chamber, indoor CBD allows obtaining the most qualitative cannabidiol products possible. This process indeed makes it possible to optimize each cannabis plant, by full control of environmental conditions, such as:

  • light supply, thanks to artificial lighting;

  • humidity;

  • the pH of the water;

  • the CO₂ level;

  • the absence of harmful insects;

  • etc.

This rigor allows replicating, indoors, the natural balance of an ecosystem, like that of outdoor CBD, while avoiding risks, particularly meteorological ones, which can decrease the quality of the product. Pampered until harvest and transport of CBD flowers, indoor-grown hemp thus offers its full aromatic and therapeutic potential.

Indoor CBD: The Cannabidiol for Gourmets

The indoor cultivation method of cannabis allows obtaining CBD flowers:

  • with a higher concentration of cannabidiol;

  • rich in terpenes;

  • with very pronounced aromas and flavors;

  • with a dense texture;

  • or even perfectly manicured; that is to say, cut and cleared of leaves and branches, which would alter its quality.

Their high contents of terpenes and CBD allow multiplying the health benefits of cannabidiol, via what is called the "entourage effect". Indoor CBD flowers are also sought after by gourmets, for their unique taste and scent.

Given all the unavoidable costs (premises, equipment, staff, etc.), these are logically the most expensive varieties on the market. Beware: some unscrupulous sellers take advantage of this to offer CBD flowers at the same price, but actually grown in greenhouses, like the "Green House" ones.

At The CBD Farm, traceability is our watchword! From the place of production to your living room, you are guaranteed a 100% indoor, organic product that is perfectly preserved, for maximum well-being and taste qualities.