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The Best of CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are particularly recommended for consumers who want to refine the amounts of cannabinoids they consume for greater effects. La Ferme du CBD offers a wide range of concentrates to meet all your needs.

Choosing a CBD Concentrate

Do you enjoy vaping a CBD e-liquid? Inhaling a spray of CBD flowers or relieving your pain with a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue? Whatever your habits of consuming cannabinoids, some of you may feel the need to better adapt the amount of active molecules to your needs and desires or to feel the effects of CBD more quickly. Many experienced CBD enthusiasts also like to make their own products, for example, an e-liquid with customized dosages. If you recognize yourself in one of these situations, CBD concentrates are for you! They come in different forms, wax, crumble, or even isolate. Highly concentrated in cannabinoids while remaining in compliance with current legislation (THC level null or less than the legal limit of 0.2%), they allow you to safely increase the dose of CBD consumed. They are therefore ideal for those looking for a more potent and faster-acting CBD product. While CBD concentrates are primarily focused on the search for more efficiency, some of them, waxes and crumbles in particular, will also bring you all the aromatic richness due to the concentration in terpenes.

La Ferme du CBD Concentrates

La Ferme du CBD offers CBD concentrates in 3 forms to meet all your needs and desires. Choosing a CBD concentrate is done based on tastes, desired effects but also according to more practical criteria. If you want to increase the CBD concentration of an existing product, do not hesitate to choose a 99.9% concentrated CBD isolate or a 93.9% CBG isolate. The effectiveness of the extraction processes used for our isolates guarantees cannabinoids of great purity. Our CBD waxes, available at different CBD and CBG concentrations, are made from hemp grown without chemicals. Their organoleptic qualities, due to their high concentrations in waxes and terpenes, will bring you unique sensations! It is the ideal concentrate for vaping enthusiasts. It is also a delicious and very effective CBD product in vaporization (with a grid) or even in infusion. Our waxes are delivered in a wooden box with a non-stick coating for better preservation and greater manageability. Finally, those who want to combine the effectiveness of cannabinoids with ease of use will love our CBD crumbles offered at different concentrations. Drier than waxes and therefore more practical to dose and use, they offer the best of legal cannabis thanks to their full-spectrum profile that guarantees you a unique experience.