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The Best of CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are specially designed for those who want to refine the amounts of cannabinoids they consume for even greater effects. La Ferme du CBD offers a wide range of concentrates to meet all your needs and desires.

Do you like vaping CBD e-liquid? Inhaling vapor from CBD flowers? Or relieving your pain with a few drops of CBD oil sublingually? Whatever your cannabinoid consumption habits are, some of you may feel the need to better adjust the amount of active molecules to your needs and desires or to feel the beneficial effects of CBD more quickly. Many experienced CBD enthusiasts also like to make their own products, such as an e-liquid, with customized dosages. If you find yourself in any of these situations, CBD cannabis concentrates are for you!

What is a CBD Concentrate?

A cannabidiol concentrate is a potent extract from the cannabis plant with high percentages of cannabinoids that remains compliant with current legislation (with a THC level null or below the legal limit of 0.3%). It comes in various forms: CBD wax, CBD crumble, or CBD isolate. These highly concentrated products allow you to safely increase the dose of CBD consumed and are thus perfect for those looking for a more potent and faster-acting CBD product.

If CBD concentrates are primarily focused on seeking more efficiency, some types like waxes and crumbles in particular, will also bring you their aromatic richness due to the concentration of terpenes. These CBD products are more concentrated than those more commonly consumed such as oils, flowers, resins, and capsules.

The Benefits of CBD Concentrates

Highly appreciated by the most experienced consumers, CBD concentrates can offer, due to their high level of cannabidiol, an immediate and powerful relaxing effect. Once consumed, they spread much more quickly and homogeneously and efficiently in the body.

Effective not only in helping to treat acute pains and ailments, CBD concentrates also help to relieve muscle or menstrual pains, provide a relaxing effect to contribute to stress reduction and improve sleep quality.

How to Use Your CBD Concentrate?

Several methods are available for consuming your CBD concentrate. Find the way that suits you best and enjoy its rapid action and benefits on your body:

  • In inhalation: using a vaporizer to accompany blends of CBD flowers. A guaranteed well-being and relaxation experience, with an additional sensory dimension!

  • In ingestion: integrate the CBD concentrate into your favorite cooking recipes. For example, CBD crumble easily mixes with a fatty substance for the preparation of your sauces or to associate with butter or oil.

  • In a vape pen specially designed for this effect: carry your CBD wax or crumble for practical and discreet use of your cannabidiol concentrates.

Powerful and High-Quality Concentrates from La Ferme du CBD

La Ferme du CBD offers CBD concentrates in 3 forms to meet all your needs and desires. Choosing a CBD concentrate depends on your tastes, the effects sought, but also on more practical criteria.

CBD Isolates

If you want to increase the concentration of CBD in an existing product, do not hesitate to choose a 99.9% concentrated CBD isolate or a 93.9% CBG isolate. The efficiency of the extraction processes used for our isolates (CO2 extraction process) guarantees cannabinoids of great purity and considerable potency.


Originating from the sap of the plant and similar to wax, our CBD waxes are available with different concentrations of CBD, CBG, or CBN and are derived from chemically untreated hemp. The organoleptic qualities of our powerful CBD waxes, due to their high concentration in wax and terpenes, will offer you unique sensations!

CBD wax is a perfect type of concentrate for vaping enthusiasts but also a delicious and very effective product to consume in vaporization (with a grid) or even as an infusion or herbal tea. Our waxes are delivered in a wooden box with a non-stick coating for better preservation and greater manageability.

CBD Crumbles

Finally, consumers who want to combine the effectiveness of cannabinoids with ease of use will appreciate our CBD crumbles offered with different concentrations. Drier than waxes, these small crystals, often yellow in color, are thus more practical to dose and use. They offer the best of legal cannabis thanks to their full-spectrum profile which guarantees a simply unique sensory and relaxing experience. La Ferme du CBD offers high-quality crumbles like the CBD Amnesia Crumble or the Chocolate Crunch.