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The best of CBD sweets

CBD sweets are a fun and convenient way to consume cannabinoids. With these little lozenges and sweets, consume legal cannabis discreetly: our raspberry and cola sweets will easily find a place in your pocket or bag. With their sweet and fruity aromas, our tangy sweets hide the taste of hemp. They are as delicious as they are effective at offering you lasting relief: improve your living comfort, relax and access greater physical and mental well-being.

CBD in the form of sweets: a discreet alternative to oils

Do you associate CBD sweets with festive and playful moments? Even though the sweet taste of these treats is spontaneously associated with relaxation and well-being, it is also a very convenient form of CBD consumption. This is because you may need to take cannabinoids to relieve pain or chase away stress when you're outdoors, at your workplace, or in a public place. But you can't always get out your vial of CBD oil or CBD flowers to vaporize! Cannabidiol sweets can be consumed at any time and in any place, without arousing suspicious glances or prying questions. They are very easy to slip into a purse or pocket, so that you can consume them whenever you want to and whenever you need them.

A taste to savour, for greater well-being

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the active ingredients of the hemp plant. It is a natural plant that has been used for generations for its health benefits. More and more doctors recommend the consumption of CBD to relieve everyday ailments and the side effects of conventional drug treatments. Indeed, cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anxiolytic, antiepileptic, antipsychotic, immunomodulatory and neuroprotective properties. The WHO (World Health Organization) itself advocates in favour of the therapeutic potential of the plant. To satisfy the needs of consumers, CBD sweets have now emerged: they are confectionery that takes advantage of the virtues of the active ingredient in hemp to provide natural relief. Enjoy the benefits of CBD in a non-aggressive and sustainable way.

Why consume CBD sweets?

If you are a fan of sweet treats or a regular consumer of CBD, CBD sweets offer multiple benefits:

  • Perfect for discovering CBD: the earthy and intense aromas of hemp can be off-putting at first. Flavoured CBD sweets and lozenges allow you to consume cannabidiol without having the taste of natural hemp. Sweets offer sweet, sugary or tangy flavors, and these can prove to be a milder alternative than oils.
  • Long-lasting effects: these types of sweets deliver the same effects as other CBD products, but with more lasting relief. CBD sweets permanently soothe your body by acting on your endocannabinoid system. The effects simply take longer to arrive, since a period of ingestion by the stomach is required.
  • Easy dosing: no need to calculate the quantities of products needed to consume the dose of CBD you need. Simply suck on your CBD sweet to slowly diffuse the cannabinoids into your body and achieve long-lasting relief and well-being!

What are the effects of CBD sweets?

CBD sweets have medicinal benefits. They can be used as alternatives to medication or as dietary supplements, to better support medical treatments. CBD sweets make it possible to:

  • avoid anxiety and regain serenity;
  • play an anti-inflammatory role for the throat or digestive disorders;
  • promote sleep without sleeping pills;
  • relieve pain (lack of sleep, menstrual activity, rheumatism);
  • reduce the intensity of seizures related to Parkinson's, epilepsy or certain cancers.

To achieve lasting effects, make sure of the quality of the sweets consumed, including the initial quality of the hemp plant used. At The CBD Farm, our sweets contain either 5mg or 20mg of CBD, to suit as many people as possible. You will soon feel the first therapeutic effects.

When and how should you consume CBD gummies?

It is possible to consume CBD sweets at any time of the day. Rest assured: these products do not contain THC, which is the hemp molecule responsible for psychotropic effects. So you can perfectly well take a CBD lozenge before you go to work, taking the car or sleeping. As soon as you feel that your morale is not good or that you're slackening a bit, you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of CBD in sweets. When it comes to dosage, always start with small amounts, so that your body grows accustomed to it. Even though they're sweets, don't devour the whole packet! Generally, 1 to 2 sweets per day are enough for you to feel the first benefits to the human body. To alleviate pain or aches, it is advisable to consume at least 15 milligrams per day. But, depending on your sensitivity and the symptoms you want to treat, it is possible to gradually decrease or increase the dose until you get the desired result. There's no risk of overdose with CBD sweets!

CBD sweets from The CBD Farm

The CBD Farm offers certified organic CBD sweets: our products are made with high-quality ingredients. Our CBD confectionery is vegan and gluten-free, so that it satisfies as many people as possible. CBD sweets are available in two flavours (of natural origin): raspberry or cola. These tastes mask the mild bitterness of CBD to a large extent. The presence of a very slight aftertaste of legal cannabis is nevertheless there, to remind you that these sweets are not to be put in everyone's hands! We offer cannabidiol sweets with different dosages, so that everyone can consume the amount of cannabinoids they need. As an example, each cola sweet contains 10 mg of CBD, while a raspberry CBD sweet contains 5 mg of CBD. You will receive your CBD sweets delivered in a small bag, so that they can easily be carried in a handbag or backpack on all your journeys. They are shaped like a small bottle of coke and a raspberry, evoking the sweets of our childhood. You will enjoy consuming these CBD sweets with their appetising aromas at any time of the day!