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CBD Candy Zen Candies - Available in 4 Delicious Flavors

Our CBD candies are available in 4 different flavors and are made with natural aromas of raspberries, peaches, blueberries, or apples. These treats will easily find their place in your pocket, on your desk, in your car, or in your handbag for a guaranteed moment of indulgence and relaxation!

What Is a CBD Candy?

CBD candies offer a practical and delicious way to consume cannabinoids. With these small sweet pellets, you can enjoy the benefits of legal cannabis discreetly and in varied flavors. The sweet and fruity aromas of our CBD gummies mask the taste of hemp. CBD candy is as delicious as it is effective in providing lasting relief: improve your quality of life, relax, and access greater physical and mental well-being.

CBD Candies: Tasty Well-being

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the active ingredients of the hemp plant, a natural plant used for generations for its numerous potential health benefits. An increasing number of doctors recommend CBD consumption to help relieve everyday ailments and the side effects of conventional medical treatments. Indeed, cannabidiol is believed to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anxiolytic, antiepileptic, antipsychotic, immunomodulatory, and neuroprotective properties.

The WHO (World Health Organization) itself advocates the therapeutic potentials of this plant. To meet consumer needs and facilitate the intake of cannabidiol, CBD candies were created: confectioneries that allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD for natural and lasting relief.

CBD Candy: A Practical and Discreet Alternative to Oils

Do you associate CBD candies with festive and fun moments? Even though the sweet taste of these treats is spontaneously associated with relaxation and well-being, it is also a very practical form of CBD consumption. Indeed, you may need to take cannabinoids to help relieve pain or chase away stress when you are outside, at work, or in a public place. But you can't always pull out your bottle of CBD oil or your CBD flowers to vaporize! CBD candies can be consumed at any time and place, without attracting suspicious looks or indiscreet questions. They are very easy to slip into a pocket or handbag, to be consumed wherever and whenever you wish!

Is It Legal to Consume CBD Candies?

It is entirely legal to consume CBD treats! Like all other CBD products, the THC level does not exceed the 0.2% to 0.3% set by French and European legislation. Do CBD candies get you "high"? Not at all! The low doses of THC, the psychotropic component, ensure you can enjoy the virtues of cannabidiol safely. Moreover, each candy from La Ferme du CBD contains 10 mg of cannabidiol but no THC.

Why Consume CBD Candies?

If you are a fan of sweetness or candy and a regular CBD consumer, CBD candies are the perfect choice! These gummies offer multiple advantages:

  • A simple dosage: no need to calculate the quantities of products needed to consume the CBD dose you need. Just let your CBD sweet dissolve in your mouth to gently let the cannabinoids act on your body and benefit from their long-lasting positive effects. Each CBD candy in our packages contains 10 mg of cannabidiol, which allows you to easily manage your consumption and CBD dosage.

  • Lasting effects: this type of CBD product delivers the same effects as other CBD products but with longer-lasting relief. By acting on your central endocannabinoid system, CBD candies help soothe your body over time. The effects simply take longer to arrive since a period of assimilation by the stomach is necessary.

  • A delicious and original touch: CBD gummies are a good alternative for those new to CBD! The earthy and intense aromas of hemp can be off-putting at first. Our CBD candies and tablets, with natural fruit flavors, allow you to consume cannabidiol while significantly reducing the natural taste of hemp. The sweets offer soft, sweet, or tangy flavors, which is a milder consumption solution than oils.

What Are the Effects of CBD Candy?

According to numerous studies and research, CBD candies may have many health benefits with few side effects. However, further studies are still needed to demonstrate the potential medicinal virtues of cannabidiol on health, as well as its use as an alternative to certain medications or dietary supplements. Here are some of the potential benefits of CBD, based on available research:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety, helps relieve depression, and improves serenity

  • Plays an anti-inflammatory role in the throat and digestive system

  • Promotes and improves sleep quality

  • Relieves chronic or temporary pains, menstrual pains, and rheumatism

  • Helps alleviate crises related to Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, or during certain cancers.

To achieve lasting effects, ensure the quality of the candies consumed, especially the initial quality of the hemp plant used. La Ferme du CBD offers CBD candies each containing 10mg of cannabidiol, to suit the widest audience. Although a bit longer to take effect because CBD must be assimilated by the digestive system, the effects on the body are long-lasting.

When and How to Consume CBD Candies?

CBD candies can be consumed at any time of the day! As mentioned earlier, these products do not contain THC, the hemp molecule responsible for psychotropic effects. You can perfectly take a CBD tablet before going to work, driving, or sleeping. Whenever you feel down, tired, or overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, enjoy the potentially therapeutic effects of CBD in candy form.

In terms of dosage, always start with small amounts to acclimate your body. However, be careful not to quickly consume the package like normal candies. Generally, 1 to 2 candies per day are sufficient to feel the initial benefits on the human body. To alleviate pains or ailments, it is advised to consume at least 15 milligrams per day. But depending on your sensitivity and the symptoms you wish to treat, it's possible to gradually decrease or increase the dose until achieving the desired result. There's no risk of overdosing with CBD candies!

Raspberry, Blueberry, Peach, and Apple: La Ferme du CBD's Candies

La Ferme du CBD offers CBD candies made in France, with quality ingredients. Our CBD confectionery is vegan and gluten-free to satisfy the most people. CBD candies are available in four different natural flavors, namely: raspberry, peach, blueberry, and apple. These delicious flavors help to largely mask the slight bitterness and sometimes intense taste of CBD. The presence of a discreet aftertaste of legal cannabis is nonetheless there to remind you that these candies are not to be put in everyone's hands!

We offer cannabidiol candies with a dosage of 10mg of CBD per candy, so that everyone can consume the amount of cannabinoids they need. You will receive your CBD candies delivered in a small hermetically sealed bag, so you can easily carry them in a handbag or backpack for all your travels. Their rounded shapes evoke the confectionery of our childhood. You will enjoy consuming these CBD candies with gourmet flavors at any time of the day!