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Grown in greenhouses, "Green House" CBD flowers have the advantage of being protected from external aggressions, compared to outdoor CBD flowers, which are grown in fields. More pampered, the hemp and cannabis buds can develop in peace and retain a maximum of their active compounds, such as cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBG...). Once consumed, they reveal all their health benefits. CBD (cannabidiol) is notably attributed with sedative, anxiolytic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Green House: A rigorous method of CBD cultivation

Green House CBD varieties are, as their English name suggests, cannabis plants grown in greenhouses. While they are planted in the ground and under sunlight, they are protected from external aggressions, such as:

  • rain and humidity;

  • wind, storms;

  • drought;

  • parasites and other undesirable insects.

This growing process also allows for better monitoring of hemp plant growth. Thus, their water supply, sunlight, and flowering can be optimized.

This rigorous control results in high-quality CBD flowers that have retained a maximum of terpenes. Highly volatile, these hydrocarbons indeed evaporate very easily in nature, under the effect of heat or wind. Not only do terpenes give Green House CBD flowers their relaxing scent, but they also have therapeutic benefits. These benefits combine and enhance the properties of cannabinoids, in a process known as the "entourage effect".

A good compromise between indoor and outdoor CBD, for excellent value for money

The required facilities and the more advanced control of cannabis slightly impact the price of Green House cannabidiol. However, this difference between outdoor and Green House is amply compensated by the therapeutic gains of the final product. Generally larger and denser, Green House CBD flowers are thus even more qualitative than their outdoor counterparts.

Despite this slight price increase, Green House CBD remains nevertheless cheaper than indoor CBD flowers, grown indoors. Placed under artificial lights, this cannabis is indeed subject to even more precise control (humidity, temperature, nutrients, amount of lighting, etc.), while being perfectly protected from the outside. This involves many costs, both in terms of equipment, maintenance of premises, and energy consumption.

In this sense, the Green House CBD flower offers an excellent compromise between indoor and outdoor and probably has the best value for money. In short, it is the ideal product to enjoy all the wellness properties of CBD and a powerful entourage effect, without breaking the bank!