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Our CBD e-liquids for maximum effect

Whether you are an occasional or regular vaper, our range of CBD e-liquids for e-cigarettes will offer you unique and authentic sensations.

The quality of our CBD e-liquid

We indeed use high-quality raw materials whose origin is traced. The hemp used for our e-liquids is thus grown in Europe. The manufacturing processes of our e-liquids also meet quality criteria. The extraction process is ISO 9001 certified while being environmentally friendly.

Our CBD e-liquids for e-cigarettes are rich in organic natural terpenes, molecules that allow CBD to express its full potential. All our e-liquids allow you to find the taste of cannabis when vaping because they are full spectrum and therefore contain all the cannabinoid molecules of the plant (except THC) for authentic and natural flavors. With a THC rate of 0%, our CBD e-liquids are also in compliance with current legislation. They are finally guaranteed without nicotine, without alcohol, and without animal-based compounds.

CBD e-liquids for everyone

The e-liquids we offer will appeal to lovers of quality products with a great aromatic richness. You will find in the proposed e-liquids must-have flavors well known to all hemp enthusiasts, like the classic Amnesia variety. We also offer e-liquids with a more original flavor but always based on natural and authentic ingredients.

Our e-liquids are offered in different dosages to meet all your needs. They are available in 100 mg, 300 mg, or 500 mg for occasional vaping or more regular consumption. You will also find booster e-liquids dosed at 1000 or 2000 mg to create your own mixes to vape.

Our e-liquids are sold in 10 ml glass bottles that allow good preservation of CBD properties and aromas. CBD bottles are also equipped with a pouring spout for easy and precise dosing. They finally have a child safety feature.

You will also find in our online shop e-cigarettes that will allow you to enjoy the full aromatic range and benefits of our CBD e-liquids.

The Pen, for enjoying your CBD with ease

The Pen is the ideal accessory to easily vaporize CBD. Very simple to use, it will appeal to beginners who want to vape CBD without daring to embark on the acquisition of an e-cigarette.

It is enough to charge the battery for 45 minutes and insert the CBD cartridge of your choice to enjoy your first puffs of cannabinoids. Its simplicity of use will also appeal to more regular CBD vapers.

Practical and ready to use, it can be used at any time of the day. With its discreet and compact format, you can easily slip it into a pocket or a bag to take it with you and always have it within reach.

The Pen will follow you everywhere to enjoy your favorite CBD at any place and at any time of the day.

The CBD Pen will quickly become your favorite accessory for enjoying CBD!

Premium quality CBD cartridges

The Pen can be used with the wide choice of cartridges that you will find in our online store. The composition of the CBD e-liquids in our cartridges has been chosen to optimize the action of cannabinoids and give you a quality recreational experience. We have eliminated PG and VG in order to provide you with the purest and most natural product possible. You will therefore fully appreciate the flavors and benefits of our CBD liquids. We use full-spectrum cannabinoids and food-grade natural terpenes, raw materials that work synergistically to enhance the effect of CBD.

A wide choice of flavors

Because we know that everyone has their preferences when it comes to cannabinoid consumption, our cartridges are available in different cannabis flavors, ranging from Amensia to Strawberry Diesel.