Pen battery

USB rechargeable Pen Battery, specially designed to fit our CBD cartridges.

Pen battery
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Discreet and Rechargeable Pen Battery

This La Ferme du CBD Pen Battery, with a stainless steel tube, will allow you to enjoy our high-quality CBD cartridges in the flavour of your choice. Offer yourself a simple and practical vaping experience while enjoying the potential benefits of CBD and its unique flavours!

This CBD pen is also a much more ecological solution than disposable and non-rechargeable puffs. Once its battery is depleted, you simply need to recharge it using the provided USB charging tip.

The operation of this Pen Battery couldn't be simpler: it activates automatically upon inhaling. An LED at the end of the Pen lights up when the device is in use and flashes when its battery is almost depleted.

This Pen Battery is compatible with all the cartridges offered on La Ferme du CBD site, as well as with CBD e-liquid cartridges from other brands that have a 510 type thread.

Highlights of the Pen Battery

  • Sleek and elegant design for discreet use

  • Powerful battery for extended use

  • Compatible with a variety of CBD cartridges

  • Easy to use, just screw in the e-liquid cartridge and inhale

  • Enables a practical and relaxing consumption experience of CBD-based products

  • Portable and easy to carry

  • No buttons to press, automatic activation when you inhale

  • Comes with a handy USB charging adapter

  • ROHS and CE standards

Package Contents

This pack includes a rechargeable Pen Battery as well as a USB charging tip. It does not contain a CBD cartridge. We offer the following CBD cartridges on our site: Amnesia, Orange Bud, or Strawberry Diesel.

👉 Before any consumption of CBD, consult your doctor or a health specialist. While it may offer beneficial health properties, CBD does not replace any medication or medical treatment. If you are starting CBD consumption, begin with small doses, gradually increasing if needed and taking into account the effects felt on your body.

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Très bien, discret
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Super pratique et facile.
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Pratique et fonctionnel, s emmène partout!

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