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The best of CBD and Melatonin Oils

Do you have trouble falling asleep and find that you wake up during the night? The CBD Farm offers you a CBD and melatonin oil so that you can naturally rediscover high-quality sleep.

Why a CBD and Melatonin oil?

Loss of energy, drowsiness, bad mood depressed... A poor night's sleep can be enough to ruin your day! And sleeping well means both not having trouble falling asleep and getting some high-quality sleep, without waking up in the night. It is therefore often necessary to act on several fronts to enjoy a good night's sleep. There is a natural solution for this, without side effects or risk of addiction: CBD oil and melatonin. These two molecules act in a complementary way to help you sleep well. There is no shortage of studies on the beneficial action of CBD on sleep. Cannabinoids act in particular on the factors that cause poor sleep: stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Consuming CBD a short time before you go to sleep allows you to find great peace of mind and serenity, things that are conducive to falling asleep quickly. Legal cannabis, by helping you regain your well-being, can also reduce instances of waking up during the night, when they are due to excess stress. As for melatonin, it is a hormone naturally produced by the body that helps regulate sleeping/waking cycles. Normally, at the end of the day, melatonin levels rise in order to prepare you for sleep. But certain factors (too much screen-time in the evening, stress, etc.) can disrupt the levels of this hormone. To remedy this problem, therefore, you can take CBD oil and melatonin before you go to bed. It is a natural and effective solution that will help you fall asleep quickly and get some high-quality sleep.

CBD Oil and Melatonin from The CBD Farm

To guarantee you a highly effective product without any risk of side effects or addiction, The CBD Farm chooses raw materials of high quality, to offer you CBD oil and melatonin that comply with the regulations in force (THC rate of less than 0.2%). The hemp used for our CBD and melatonin oils is labelled organic. We have also decided to offer you a full spectrum oil containing all the active ingredients of legal cannabis. The effect of CBD is thus boosted by the presence of a large number of terpenes and cannabinoids. Our CBD oil, enriched as it is with melatonin extracts, will therefore be very effective at helping you fall asleep and enjoy a high-quality sleep. CBD oil and melatonin is indeed a complete solution that will help you naturally fight against all the factors that can disrupt sleep! Delivered in a vial that protects it from light and is fitted with a cap with a pipette, CBD and melatonin oil is easy to dose. For greater effectiveness, we advise you to put a few drops of CBD oil and melatonin under your tongue about 30 minutes before going to bed.