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Outdoor CBD flowers, as their name suggests, are varieties of hemp grown outdoors, in open fields. Appreciated for their natural and authentic side, they are also particularly interesting from a financial point of view, compared to plants produced indoors.

Outdoor CBD Flowers: Natural State Cannabis

Grown directly in the soil, unlike indoor CBD varieties, outdoor cannabis benefits from both the natural energy provided by the sun, rainwater, and soil minerals. Planted in open fields, this hemp, which is robust enough to withstand most external aggressions, thus grows in synergy with the environment and weather. The richness of the soil gives it a woody, wild flavor, and a darker color than for other production methods.

However, the plants must cope to some extent with weather variations (sunlight, temperature, rainfall, wind, etc.). Like any good local product, the development of outdoor CBD flowers can thus vary from one year to another. They are generally smaller and less concentrated in cannabidiol than indoor cannabis buds. An ideal CBD level for consumers seeking sedative and relaxing effects in a light way!

The open-field hemp from the CBD Farm: as gentle as its price!

Given the uncertainties and limited monitoring of plants on some farms, outdoor cannabis can sometimes disappoint in terms of flavors and potential therapeutic benefits.

At The CBD Farm, we strive to deliver as high-quality a product as possible, to keep only the best of outdoor cultivation. Out of environmental and health consciousness, our CBD flowers are certified organic. We also minimize the use of organic fertilizers, for the most natural hemp possible.

The reduction in production costs, which is explained by a decrease in energy and material needs, also allows you to acquire a high-quality, healthy, and relaxing product without breaking the bank! Our outdoor CBD flowers are indeed available from €1.5 per gram - unlike high-end indoor varieties, which can go up to €8.5. Thus, you benefit from all the advantages of cannabidiol at a very gentle price!