Mobydick Outdoor 16%

Discover our brand new CBD variety: Mobydick. Offered at a highly competitive price! CBD content of 16.2%.

  • CBD : 16,2%
  • THC : 0,24%
Mobydick Outdoor 16%
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🌱 Growing Method

Mobydick is grown outdoor, meaning we cultivate it outside, in open fields. The flowers are therefore subject to weather conditions. They will be appreciated by those looking for an authentic flavor, close to the earth. Outdoor flowers naturally have more leaves and branches due to the uncontrolled humidity. We use only soil and organic fertilizers for our crops to achieve an authentic flavor.

✳️ Dominance

Mobydick is Sativa dominant. Sativa varieties generally give a "high" effect that promotes cerebral activity. Indica varieties tend to give a stoned effect, leading to deep relaxation and a propensity to chill. In CBD, there are no 100% Sativa or Indica flowers, only dominances. The difference between Sativa and Indica effects is less significant in CBD cannabis than in traditional cannabis. 

🍭 Flavor

We describe our varieties in 4 main flavors: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. Mobydick has a bitter flavor combining lemon, spices, incense, with a significant touch of Haze and cedar.

♨️ Consumption Method

Our CBD flowers can be consumed in several ways :

  • Vaporization: at more than 170 degrees.

  • Infusion: let it steep for 10 minutes with a fatty substance (oil, soy milk).

  • Cooking: integrate it into your best recipes.

📈 CBD/THC Content

Mobydick has a CBD content of 16.2%, an ideal rate to reduce your stress and help you fall asleep. All our flowers have a THC content below 0.3% and are therefore legal throughout Europe. We obviously test all our flowers in the laboratory to guarantee this compliance.

The rates displayed on our descriptions are based on the latest tests carried out and published (see Lab Test). Given the nature of hemp, the displayed rates can, of course, vary slightly from one part of the plant to another, depending on its cultivation, sunlight, and differences in treatment.

  • Type of crop : Outdoor
  • Dominant : Sativa
  • Flavour : Bitter, lemon, earthy
  • Consumption : Vaporization, infusion, cooking
  • CBD levels : 16,2%
  • THC levels : 0,24%
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