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Searching for well-being, relaxation, and peace of mind? Try our CBD flowers, consumable as tea or infusion, vaporizable or even to be added to cooking recipes, and enjoy all their benefits in a gentle and natural way. More and more people are getting attracted to cannabidiol because of its therapeutic potential without causing addiction or psychoactive effects. But how to choose your CBD flower? How to use it to get the most out of its benefits? Discover our complete guide on CBD flowers!

What are CBD flowers?


CBD flowers are the buds of the hemp plant, which is also known as cannabis sativa. This plant has been cultivated by humans for millennia for its textile fibers, disease resistance, and versatility in many industrial sectors.

Hemp flowers are harvested at maturity for their high content of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound offering multiple health benefits. The sativa hemp flower is one of the two available bud varieties, with indica being the other. Usually, indica hemp flowers are used for their high CBD content, while sativa hemp flowers are known for their high THC content, the psychoactive compound of cannabis.

There are also hybrid varieties that may have high CBD content, regardless of their genetic heritage. The cannabidiol content can also vary depending on cultivation techniques, harvesting, and post-harvest processing.

Not to be confused with THC!

The buds and flowers of CBD are rich in cannabinoids and perfectly legal due to their maximum THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content of 0.3%. CBD flower does not induce any psychoactive effects and can be consumed safely without side effects and without addiction. Although also derived from hemp like THC, CBD is not considered a drug. Cannabidiol flowers do not produce a psychoactive or hallucinogenic effect, which is why they are legally sold and consumed in France.

The effects of CBD flowers on the human body

If CBD flowers can relax you, it's because cannabidiol affects your serotonin levels, a neurotransmitter that impacts our mood and feeling of happiness. CBD also promotes the production of anandamide, a cannabinoid neurotransmitter with analgesic functions. Through this regulation of anandamide production, CBD helps treat addictive behaviors, especially during tobacco and cannabis withdrawal.

The 3 cultivation modes of hemp plants

Outdoor-grown CBD flowers (Outdoor)

Outdoor CBD flowers are cultivated outdoors. It's a natural production method using water, sunlight, and soil minerals, thus requiring adaptation to climatic conditions. The outdoor CBD flowers have an authentic taste, a woody flavor, and a darker hue. Their head is generally smaller and lighter. Outdoor-grown CBD flowers are offered at more affordable prices than other flower types due to their lower production cost.

Greenhouse-grown CBD flowers (Greenhouse)

The Greenhouse CBD flowers are cultivated in greenhouses. They are thus more protected against pests and other external aggressions than in a natural environment. The plant's growth process is easily controlled to optimize sunlight exposure and flowering.

Thanks to the precise control of cultivation conditions, these flowers are rich in terpenes, benefit from a better entourage effect, and offer a more intense taste experience. Greenhouse CBD flowers are priced higher than outdoor CBD flowers but are less expensive than indoor-grown flowers.

Indoor-grown CBD flowers (Indoor)

These indoor CBD flowers are cultivated indoors, in controlled environments (dark rooms) that produce high-quality plants but also require much higher investment in terms of costs. This cultivation method allows control of the harvest (light supply, humidity, etc.) while avoiding external aggressions. Indoor-grown CBD flowers are usually the most expensive because their cultivation involves fixed costs (electricity, premises, equipment, lamps, etc.).

The benefits of CBD flowers

If cannabidiol flowers are so successful, it's because they offer all kinds of health benefits. Among other properties, cannabidiol has relaxing, anxiolytic, and analgesic effects. This natural molecule promotes relaxation and peace of mind thanks to a relaxing effect that acts on muscles and joints. CBD relieves mild to moderate pain without replacing a traditional painkiller. Headaches, migraines, muscle or menstrual pain: CBD flower alleviates all these symptoms!

Thanks to its slightly anxiolytic virtues, CBD also reduces stress and anxiety and improves overall mood. It also stimulates appetite and reduces nausea, which can be helpful for weight recovery or during convalescence. Drinking a CBD flower infusion or tea is therefore suitable in many situations, whether for pure relaxing pleasure, anti-stress effect, or pain relief.

How to Choose Your CBD Flower?

To choose your CBD flower effectively, you should base your decision on 3 main criteria:

  • The concentration of CBD in the flower: opt for a percentage that meets your expectations based on the symptoms you're addressing or your personal sensitivity. For instance, you can use a high-concentration product in the evening and consume lighter CBD flowers during the day.

  • The flavor: there are fruity, sour, or herbal CBD flowers depending on your tastes! Consuming your hemp flowers as an infusion, through vaporization, or in your favorite recipes, will be a true delight!

  • The quality of the hemp: The CBD Farm offers high-quality CBD flowers, derived from organic hemp, meeting strict guidelines regarding traceability and cultivation. From planting to harvesting, we preserve the qualities of CBD to provide you with premium and effective products.

The Most Well-known CBD Flower Varieties

CBD flowers can be categorized by families based on their flavors and aromas, with each variety having its unique traits. At The CBD Farm, find particularly the CBD Haze, Kush, and Skunk flowers:

  • The Haze CBD flowers are characterized by their citrusy aromas, especially lemon, but also their spicy notes.

  • The Kush varieties are more fruity and soothing with hints of coffee, chocolate, or even mint.

  • The Skunk flowers are potent with sharp and more earthy flavors.

The CBD Farm offers the most famous flower varieties such as Amnesia Haze, Wedding Cake, Harlequin, Gelato, Mobydick, and Tropical Haze. These CBD flowers can be consumed as infusions with a fatty substance, inhaled using a vaporizer, or used in cooking.

How to Consume CBD Flowers?

There are several possible uses for CBD flowers. They're commonly used as herbal teas and infusions to enjoy a mild, effective experience without unwanted side effects. To get the most out of CBD tea and infusions, add a bit of fat since CBD is liposoluble (dissolves in fats). Add some coconut oil or sunflower oil, whole milk, clarified butter, or coconut milk to your hot water, and let the flowers steep for 10 to 15 minutes.

Using CBD flowers as teas and infusions is ideal, but you can also use them with a vaporizer for an optimal concentration of flavors and effects (however, be careful to heat gently to avoid combustion of the flowers which is harmful to health!). Why not use CBD flowers in your cooking? Incorporate them into your best recipes to benefit from their properties and discover new flavors!