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The best oils for animals

CBD is also beneficial to our 4-legged companions! The CBD Farm has designed a range of CBD oils tailored to the specific needs of cats and dogs.

Why use CBD for animals?

Do you want to improve the life of your pet, be it a dog or a cat? Or are you simply concerned about his or her well-being? Did you know that CBD can also be beneficial to animals? Just like humans, dogs and cats have an endocannabinoid system. Our pets are therefore sensitive to the effects of cannabidiol! It is not for nothing that many studies on CBD test the effects of the molecule on animals such as rats and mice.

CBD can help your pet in several situations. For example, many dogs and cats suffer from diseases such as osteoarthritis as they age. They may also, as they grow older, lack energy or lose their appetite. At such times, a few drops of CBD oil can relieve dogs and cats on a daily basis, to improve their end-of-life conditions. Just like us, pets can suffer from stress, too. A change in daily living conditions, such as a move or a vacation, can disturb our 4-legged companions, who become nervous, or even aggressive, or start doing increasingly silly things. At such times, CBD will be very useful as a way of helping cats and dogs find calm and serenity, so as to better adapt to changes.

CBD products for animals

To ensure that cannabidiol really does relieve animals and meet their needs, The CBD Farm offers a range of products specifically designed for cats and dogs. Our CBD oils for our 4-legged friends are based on MCT oil, which is derived from coconut, an ingredient chosen for its ease of digestion and neutral taste. It contains broad spectrum cannabidiol from selected cannabis crops. CBD oil for animals has a THC content of 0%. Your pets thus benefit from a high-quality CBD whose effect is enhanced by the entourage effect, due to the other components of legal hemp.

Our CBD oils are also available in different concentrations. You will have no difficulty dosing the amount of CBD to use depending on the size of your cat and dog, and on the effect sought. Finally, to facilitate the consumption of CBD by the animal, we have taken particular care over the palatability of our CBD product. With its chicken aroma, your pet will swallow its CBD oil without complaining. Do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian for advice on giving cannabidiol to your pet. You will see that CBD can help you relieve many everyday ailments in both cats and dogs. To the delight of your pet and their master!