Made from genuine walnut wood, this "La Ferme du CBD" grinder is the essential accessory for any CBD enthusiast. Combining elegance, practicality, and robustness, it will allow you to crumble your CBD flowers easily and quickly thanks to its diamond-shaped teeth made of anodized aluminum alloy.

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Wooden and Aluminum Grinder with La Ferme du CBD Design

This La Ferme du CBD herb mill, made of black walnut and anodized aluminum alloy, combines beauty, practicality, and durability. It will allow you to crumble all your CBD hemp flowers efficiently to fully enjoy the taste and effects of your buds. The grinder consists of four distinct parts:

  • A wooden top part featuring an engraving of the "La Ferme du CBD" logo, containing the top of the mill
  • An upper middle aluminum part integrating the lower part of the mill and which is magnetically attached to the top part
  • A lower middle part in wood, integrating the grind collection tray and a pollen filter that screws onto the upper middle part
  • A wooden bottom part containing the aluminum pollen collection tray that screws onto the lower middle part

The teeth of the mill are made of an aluminum alloy, in a diamond shape, allowing you to crumble your buds perfectly. The pollen filter and collection tray will allow you to collect the finest particles of your buds, to enjoy your own accumulating pollen after each new use.

How to Use the La Ferme du CBD Grinder?

This quality grinder is very easy to use and suitable for any type of dry plant material, to crumble it according to your desires, more or less finely.

  • Assemble the grinder if it is not already done, then lift the top part
  • Place a CBD hemp flower or part of a bud inside the cylindrical chamber, avoiding the center
  • Close the lid and turn the lid in the same direction until you get the desired grind (ideally 10 to 15 turns)
  • Gently unscrew the upper and lower middle parts to retrieve your grind. If the grind is not fine enough, close and turn the lid more until you get the desired crumble
  • After a certain number of uses, unscrew the bottom part to retrieve your pollen

Key Features

  • Quality grinder made of genuine wood (walnut) and anodized aluminum
  • Compact and discreet (6 cm in diameter and 5.5 cm in height)
  • Separate collection trays for your flower grinds and your pollen
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with 2 pollen filters, one with fine mesh and the other with ultra-fine mesh
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Design, qualité du bois,griffe, récipient où l' on trouve son mélange, aucun effort, belle idée. Superbe,un peu cher ( grâce aux réductions,on peut se faire,ou faire plaisir !!!
star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate
Bon produit. J'apprécie particulièrement le fait que les parties du bas se vissent et ne sont pas juste aimantées comme sur certains grinders, là pas de risque que cela s'ouvre sans qu'on le désire. Très bien.

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