CBG Isolate 1g 93.9%

1 gram of CBG isolate (cannabigerol crystal powder) with 93.9% purity.

  • CBG : 93%
  • THC : 0%
CBG Isolate 1g 93.9%
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What is CBG isolate?

CBG isolate comes from cannabigerol, a natural component present in the hemp plant. An extraction process is used to remove all active compounds from the cannabis plant, followed by a refinement to eliminate all other phytocannabinoids (including THC) and plant material. Only the chemical compound of CBG remains in its purest form, with a concentration of up to 93.9%. CBG isolate is very versatile and can be consumed sublingually, in skincare, cooking, or vaporization. The extraction methods are environmentally and health-friendly, without solvents or excessive heat to preserve the natural virtues of cannabigerol. The finished product looks like a CBG isolate, a white, crumbly, and crystalline powder that resembles powdered sugar and is highly concentrated with nearly 93.9% cannabigerol.

Composition of CBG isolate

The CBG crystal or isolate is a highly concentrated product containing almost 93.9% cannabigerol. It resembles a white and crystalline powder and is THC-free, the active molecule in cannabis that causes psychotropic effects.

Appearance of CBG isolate

Depending on the extraction process used, you can obtain large CBG crystals or a fine white powder resembling sugar. These residues have neither taste nor odor and remain identical in their composition regardless of their appearance. The term "CBG isolate" refers to the powdery version of the crystals. In both cases, they do not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main active molecule in cannabis that causes psychotropic effects and the "stoned" sensation. Products sold in France can only contain up to 0.3% THC, which poses no health risk. Full-spectrum CBG products contain numerous terpenes and other cannabinoids to deliver real therapeutic properties, still without traces of THC.

Advantages of CBG isolate

CBG isolate may seem less attractive than traditional CBG oils, but in reality, it is a very versatile product in terms of consumption and offers many advantages over other forms of cannabinoids:

  • Various modes of consumption: you can use CBG isolate in very inventive ways, sublingually or even with food and beverages.
  • High purity: with a concentration of up to 93.9% cannabigerol, CBG isolate is one of the purest forms of CBG available.
  • Immediate and lasting effects: CBG isolate is quickly absorbed by the body and can be felt for several hours.

How to use CBG isolate

It is important not to consume CBG in too high a quantity, so it should be consumed in small amounts. There are several ways to use CBG isolate, you can:

  • Take sublingually: place a small amount of isolate under your tongue, wait for about a minute, and swallow.
  • Add to your food and drinks: add a small amount of isolate to your favorite food or drink for easy dosing.
  • Use in cooking: CBG isolate is soluble in oil, so you can use it to make dishes and desserts.
  • Skincare: you can add CBG isolate to your skincare products for a moisturizing and soothing effect.
  • Vaporization: use a vaporizer specifically designed for CBG isolate to inhale the vapor.

How to store CBG isolate

It is important to store CBG isolate in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. CBG isolate can be stored for several months, but it is always best to check the expiration date to ensure they are still fresh. It is also important to make sure the CBG isolate is well sealed to preserve its quality and freshness.

  • THC levels : 0%
  • CBG levels : 93%
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Très satisfait!!!Je mélange l'Isolat de CBG avec celui de CBD dans de l'huile de chanvre, c'est super efficace à 20%!!!
star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate
Essais sous la langue et en vaporisation. J'attends encore de me rendre compte comme je complète avec wax et fleurs et qu'il n'y a que du cbg pur dans ce produit mais je pense que l'apaisement et l'effet anxiolytique sont présents. Ceci dit, sa présentation est pratique à utiliser rapidement. Pour info, j'ai trouvé que cet isolat est moins fort pour la gorge à vaporiser que celui de cbd et produit moins de vapeur. Mais normal puisque ce sont deux molécules différentes je pense. Et puis on m'avait bien conseillé la wax ou crumble pour la vaporisation. Pourquoi pas en rajouter avec les fleurs. Merci.

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