Chocolate Crunch 90%

Chocolate crunch with a 90% cannabidiol content!

  • CBD : 90%
  • CBG : 4%
  • THC : 0,19%
Chocolate Crunch 90%
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Chocolate Crunch CBD - 90%

The Chocolate Crunch is a CBD concentrate, a type of crumble hemp extract to which pollen and small flower buds are added.

📈 CBD/CBG/THC Levels

The Chocolate Crunch has a CBD level of 90% and a CBG level of 4%. As with all our other products, the Chocolate Crunch has a THC level below 0.3%, in order to comply with legal standards.

✳️ Effect of Chocolate Crunch CBD

This crumble with pollen and CBD flower buds Chocolate Crunch has an ideal cannabidiol level to help reduce your stress and anxiety and help you sleep. It will also help alleviate your pain and inflammation and act as an antibacterial.

♨️ How to Consume Our 90% Chocolate Crunch?

The Chocolate Crunch CBD and CBG can be consumed in various ways:

  • Through vaporization: at over 170 degrees.

  • In infusion: let infuse for 10 minutes with a fatty substance (oil, soy milk, butter, or cream).

  • In cooking: incorporate into your best recipes for an additional touch of indulgence.

👉 Before any consumption of CBD, consult your doctor or a health specialist. Although it may offer beneficial health properties, CBD does not replace any medication or medical treatment. If you are starting CBD consumption, begin with small doses, gradually increasing if necessary and taking into account the effects felt on your body.

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Très bien!
star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate
Je découvre ce produit que j'ai utilisé en infusion et qui me semble très bien. Le goût et la présentation me conviennent. Le % étant plus fort j'en mets peu comparé aux fleurs mais il m'arrive de rajouter un peu de fleur avec car leur goût est incomparable pour moi. Bon produit le soir relaxant pour un bon sommeil. Merci
star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate
vraiment tres bon produit,tres concentré..un gout d exception de pureté.quelques bouffées avec un dab,ou dans un melange avec des fleurs,effet puissant de relaxation,de detente..

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