CBD Crumble 1g 60%

Crumble is a purified, full-spectrum form of CBD, offering a CBD content of 60%.

  • CBD : 60%
  • THC : 0,19%
CBD Crumble 1g 60%
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Full Spectrum CBD Crumble

The CBD Crumble appears as small, fragile, crystalline fragments with a beautiful golden hue reminiscent of honey's color. It is produced using supercritical CO2 extraction, which is currently the healthiest and most environmentally friendly extraction method available. This process results in crumble with a high CBD content (60%). This crumble is full-spectrum, meaning it contains all the terpenes and cannabinoids naturally present in hemp plants, promoting the entourage effect and amplifying the CBD's effects. It is ideal for a heightened sense of well-being, perfect for relaxation and unwinding.

Mode of Consumption

Our CBD crumble can be consumed in several ways:

  • By vaporization: at temperatures above 170 degrees.
  • As an infusion: let it steep for 10 minutes with a fatty substance (oil, soy milk).
  • In cooking: incorporate it into your favorite recipes.
  • To make your own e-liquids.

CBD/THC Content

Our crumble has a CBD content of 60% and a THC content of less than 0.3%. It is therefore legal throughout Europe.

The rates displayed on our descriptive sheets are based on the latest tests performed and published (see Lab Test). Given the nature of hemp, the displayed rates may, of course, vary slightly from one part of the plant to another, depending on its cultivation, sunlight, and treatment differences.

  • CBD levels : 60%
  • THC levels : 0,19%
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Bon goût. Se mélange facilement avec Crumble CBN pour avoir un effet de synergie (effet entourage). Pratique avec l'utilisation d'un vaporisateur type PAX 3 avec four. Le CBD seul sur moi ne me fait pas grand chose. Avec d'autres cannabinoïdes cela marche mieux pour moi.
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Très bien!
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le gout rappel un peu le gout de l'herbe(pas la beuh^^),faut aimer,c'est special. A part ça fait très bien son taf et se dose plus facilement que la wax,c'est d'ailleurs arrivé en petit morceaux et poussières,parfait pour vapoter(si on supporte le gout , j'insiste, c'est spécial)

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