Ice Rock CBN 32% CBD 49%

Our Ice Rock CBN + CBD is a flower bud coated with crystalline isolate of cannabinol (CBN) concentrated at 32% and cannabidiol (CBD) concentrated at 49%.

  • CBN : 32%
  • THC : 0,19%
Ice Rock CBN 32% CBD 49%
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Ice Rock CBN + CBD: Strong flavor and powerful effects!

The Ice Rock CBN + CBD is designed for lovers of intense taste experiences and powerful effects. This hemp flower is coated with cannabinol crystals at a rate of 32%, as well as cannabidiol crystals at a rate of 49%, making it a preferred choice for consumers seeking marked therapeutic effects. Its high CBN content offers recognized anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, as well as sleep improvement. The flavor of Ice Rock CBN + CBD is characterized by its fresh and potent aroma.

Origin and variety

The cannabis variety used to develop our Ice Rock CBN + CBD varies depending on each batch, guaranteeing a rigorous selection and optimal quality with each production.

Chilling experience and pure crystal

Offering a rich and pronounced flavor, Ice Rock CBN + CBD will delight lovers of intense sensations. In addition to this exceptional variety, we also offer 99% pure CBD crystal for an even more intense experience. Get ready to be chilled! The rates mentioned on our descriptive sheets are based on the latest tests carried out and published (see Lab Test). Given the specificities of hemp, the rates may slightly vary from one plant to another, depending on growing conditions, sunlight, and applied treatments.

Important Note

The visual aspect of the Ice Rock can easily be altered by heat. In summer or when it is hot, the isolate and wax can fuse and give a honey-like (brown) appearance to the Ice Rock. Despite this change in appearance, the Ice Rock maintains its properties and can be consumed normally.

  • Consumption : Vaporization, infusion, cooking
  • THC levels : 0,06%
  • CBN concentration : 32%
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Aspect glacé mais bon.

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