Moon Rock 62%

Moon Rock is a premium CBD flower, consisting of a carefully selected cannabis flower bud coated in CBD-rich pollen, offering a unique and powerful experience. Our premium Moon Rock boasts an exceptional 62.2% CBD content, making it one of the most concentrated products on the CBD market. Ideal for experienced users seeking pronounced therapeutic effects, this MoonRock CBD flower combines intense flavor with benefits for both body and mind.

  • CBD : 62,2%
  • THC : 0,19%
Moon Rock 62%
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What is Moon Rock?

Moon Rock is a very potent cannabis-based product that offers a strong flavor and an explosive effect. This exceptional CBD flower is obtained by coating a carefully selected cannabis flower bud in a rich CBD extract. It is first soaked in cannabis oil, then generously sprinkled with pollen or kief, the crystalline part containing a high concentration of cannabinoids.

Resulting from a meticulous manufacturing process, Moon Rock is characterized by an extremely high CBD content, reaching 62%, making it one of the most potent CBD flowers on the market. This unique composition gives Moon Rock particularly pronounced therapeutic effects, especially in terms of relaxation, anti-inflammation, and pain management. Its rich terpene profile also imparts a complex and aromatic flavor, highly appreciated by connoisseurs.

Thanks to its low THC content, Moon Rock does not cause undesirable psychoactive effects. It is therefore recommended for experienced consumers seeking a powerful and high-quality CBD flower.

Moon Rock Highlights

Here are the main features of Moon Rock:

  • Exceptional CBD flower, designed for a unique consumption experience
  • Artisanal and complex manufacturing process
  • Extremely high CBD and cannabinoid content
  • Strong and complex aromatic flavor
  • Ideal for experienced consumers
  • Pronounced medicinal and therapeutic properties

Consumption Methods

Our CBD flowers can be consumed in various ways:

  • Through vaporization: at a temperature above 170 degrees
  • As a infusion: let steep for 10 minutes with a fatty substance such as oil or soy milk
  • In cooking: incorporate them into your favorite recipes for a unique and tasty touch

CBD/THC Content

MoonRock displays a CBD content of 62.2%, a very high rate, making it a preferred choice for users seeking pronounced therapeutic effects. All our flowers have a THC content below 0.3%, making them legal throughout Europe. The rates mentioned on our product descriptions come from the latest tests carried out and published (see Lab Test). Given the nature of hemp, these rates may vary slightly from one plant to another depending on growing conditions, sunlight, and variations in treatment.

  • Consumption : Vaporization, infusion, cooking
  • CBD levels : 62,2%
  • THC levels : 0,19%
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Très bonne qualité ! Bon pour se détendre.

star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate

Super produit qui se rapproche un peu au "skuf"
Le goût est satisfaisant

star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate
Super produit, assez fort pour la gorge. Elle m'a bien aidée pour mon sevrage THC .

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