Caramelo CBN 21%

Caramelo resin containing 21.7% CBN (cannabinol) and 6.6% CBD (cannabidiol). Ideal for a moment of intense relaxation.

  • CBN : 21,7%
  • CBD : 6,6%
  • THC : 0,16%
Caramelo CBN 21%
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🌳 Resin Type

This Caramelo resin contains 21.7% CBN (cannabinol), as well as 6.6% CBD (cannabidiol). Cannabinol is a molecule obtained through a degradation process of THC, under the effect of heat, oxygen, or UV rays.

It offers effects similar to those of THC but without the psychoactive effects. Therefore, it positively affects the body. CBN is a legal product in France and many European countries.

🍭 A delicious cannabis flavor with lemon and pepper

This Caramelo hash emits intense cannabis aromas that intensify in the mouth, with lemony and peppery notes.

👀 Appearance

The Caramelo resin has a beautiful brown or dark brown color. This resin has a soft, airy, and slightly sticky texture, which makes it easy to crumble.

♨️ Mode of Consumption

Our CBD and CBN resins can be consumed in various ways :

  • In vaporization: at a temperature above 170 degrees.

  • In infusion: let it steep for 10 minutes with a fatty substance such as oil or soy milk.

  • In cooking: incorporate them into your favorite recipes for a unique and tasty touch.

📈 CBN/CBD/THC Content

This exceptional Caramelo resin has a CBN content of 21.7%, a CBD content of 6.7%, and a THC content of 0.16%. Its high CBN content can cause euphoric effects and a deep sense of well-being, which will reduce stress and help you relax. Its effects fade after about 30 minutes.

All our products have a THC content below 0.3% and are therefore legal throughout Europe.

The rates displayed on our descriptive sheets are based on the latest tests carried out and published (see Lab Test). Given the nature of hemp, the displayed rates can, of course, vary slightly from one part of the plant to another, depending on its cultivation, sunlight, and differences in treatment.

👉 Before consuming CBD, consult your doctor or a health specialist. Although it may offer beneficial health properties, CBD does not replace any medication or medical treatment. If you are starting CBD consumption, begin with small doses, gradually increasing if needed and considering the effects felt on your body.

  • Consumption : Vaporization, infusion, cooking
  • CBD levels : 6,6%
  • THC levels : 0,16%
  • Taux de CBN : 21,7%
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Une des meilleures résines, et j'en ai goûté beaucoup.
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Detent tres bien. Très efficace

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Top, détend vraiment bien

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