Ice-O-Lator Premium 51%

Discover the Ice-O-Lator Premium, our highest-quality CBD cannabis resin, offering purity and potency, along with exceptional aromatic complexity. Embark on a unique gustatory experience, a symphony of vibrant, spicy, and woody flavors, all with an exceptional cannabidiol rate of 51.6%.

  • CBD : 51,6%
  • THC : 0,24%
Ice-O-Lator Premium 51%
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Quantity 3g 10g 25g 100g
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🌳 Type of Resin

Dive into an immersive experience with the Ice-O-Lator Premium, a highly refined CBD cannabis resin, the result of an innovative and environmentally friendly water extraction method. This revolutionary technique allows us to offer you a product of unmatched purity, encapsulating the raw power of cannabinoids, while preserving their integrity for an unparalleled experience.

The Ice-O-Lator, commonly referred to as "Water Hash CBD" or "Bubble Hash CBD", is a true feat of precision and respect for nature. We rely on a rigorous and meticulous process, where the cannabis buds are washed in cold water. This allows for a clear separation of the precious trichomes from other plant matter, resulting in a crystalline resin, breathtaking in purity and without the slightest trace of undesirable residue.

This high-end cannabis concentrate is a real treasure for CBD enthusiasts, thanks to its extraordinary cannabinoid content (including more than 51% CBD), which promises intense and lasting effects.

🍭 Citrus, spicy and woody flavors

But our Ice-O-Lator is more than just a potent product - it's a taste experience in itself. Our Ice-O-Lator Premium will treat you to a palette of refined and deliciously complex flavors that will surely charm even the most demanding palates. With its unique aromatic profile and luxuriously resinous texture, the Ice-O-Lator evokes a complete sensory experience.

It takes you through vibrant and shimmering citrus notes, contrasted by exotic spices and subtle woody nuances. The Ice-O-Lator is not just a resin, it's a symphony of flavors, an unforgettable sensory journey.

⭐️ A new sensory experience with Ice-O-Lator Premium!

We offer our Ice-O-Lator Premium in 3, 10, 25, or 100-gram packages, carefully packaged to preserve the freshness of its aromatic profile and the quality of its texture.

Savor this exceptional cannabis resin and let yourself be enchanted by its exquisite taste and incredible effects. With the Ice-O-Lator Premium, you're not just consuming CBD cannabis - you're discovering a whole new dimension, a new horizon of well-being and epicureanism.

Explore the world of CBD like never before and let the Ice-O-Lator guide you on this adventure.

♨️ Method of Consumption

Our resins can be consumed in several ways :

  • Vaporization: above 170 degrees.

  • Infusion: allow to infuse for 10 minutes with a fat (oil, soy milk).

  • Cooking: integrate into your best recipes.

📈 CBD/THC Rates

Our Ice-O-Lator has a CBD rate of 51.6%, an ideal rate to reduce your stress and help you fall asleep. All our products have a THC rate of less than 0.3% and are therefore legal in France. The rates displayed on our descriptive sheets are based on the latest tests carried out and published (see Lab Test). Given the nature of hemp, the displayed rates can of course slightly vary from one part of the plant to another, depending on its cultivation, sunlight and treatment differences.

👉 Before consuming CBD, consult your doctor or a health specialist. Although it may offer beneficial health properties, CBD does not replace any medication or medical treatment. If you are starting CBD consumption, begin with small doses, gradually increasing if needed and considering the effects felt on your body.

  • Consumption : Vaporization, infusion, cooking
  • CBD levels : 51,6%
  • THC levels : 0,24%
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Belle qualité et effet relaxant.

star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate
Je recommande vivement Ice-O-Lator pour son goût et l'effet escompté :)
star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate
Bel arôme. Relaxant parfait. Je recommande ce produit.

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