PAX Plus - Onyx

Discover the PAX Plus, a vaporizer that combines discretion, performance, and versatility. Compatible with dried flowers and CBD concentrates, it offers a customizable vaporization experience thanks to its temperature settings. Its compact and modern design makes it an ideal choice for CBD enthusiasts.

PAX Plus - Onyx
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Versatile PAX Plus Vaporizer

The PAX Plus is an innovative and high-performing vaporizer for CBD enthusiasts who want to consume both dried hemp flowers and CBD concentrates. This compact and stylish device allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol, simply and wherever you are.

Refined and versatile design

The PAX Plus stands out for its elegant and versatile design, making this vaporizer easy to carry in your pocket or bag. Its minimalist and neat appearance makes it an aesthetically pleasing and practical object, offering an ergonomic and comfortable grip.

Master the temperature for an optimal experience

With several adjustable temperature levels, the PAX Plus allows you to customize vaporization according to your tastes and the specifics of the CBD consumed. Its efficient heating system ensures optimal extraction of cannabinoids to fully enjoy their beneficial effects.

Quick heating for use in the blink of an eye

The PAX Plus's fast heating function lets you start your vaporization sessions in just a few seconds. This feature makes this vaporizer particularly suitable for users who want to consume CBD discreetly and without waiting.

Custom autonomy for daily use

The PAX Plus vaporizer is equipped with a durable battery, providing enough autonomy for several vaporization sessions throughout the day. Its fast charging system ensures you'll never be caught off guard when you need it.

Compatibility with dried flowers and concentrates

Unlike the PAX Mini, the PAX Plus is designed to be used with dried hemp flowers and CBD concentrates. This versatility allows you to explore different consumption methods and tailor your experience according to your preferences.

Easy maintenance for a consistently enjoyable experience

This vaporizer has been designed to simplify its maintenance and ensure a constantly optimal vaporization experience. Its modular design and included accessories make cleaning and maintaining the PAX Plus very easy.

In summary, the PAX Plus is a versatile vaporizer ideal for those seeking a compact, discreet, and high-performing device for consuming CBD. Its customization options, ease of use, and vaporization quality make it a popular choice for CBD enthusiasts, whether beginners or experienced users.

PAX Plus Kit Contents

  • PAX Plus vaporization device
  • Maintenance kit with isopropyl alcohol and pipe cleaners
  • 2 silicone mouthpieces (one flat and one raised)
  • USB charging cable and power adapter
  • Concentrate insert
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty

Advantages of the PAX Plus Kit

  • Compact format for easy transport and use
  • Elegant and versatile design for discreet use
  • Easy to use with a single control button and an intuitive LED interface
  • Adjustable temperatures for a tailored vaporization experience
  • Quick heating: only a few seconds between turning it on and the first vaporization
  • Flavor preservation: vaporizing CBD allows you to fully savor the aromas of cannabidiol, offering a unique taste experience
  • Efficient CBD extraction for enjoying its benefits in any situation
  • Reduced risk of combustion: vaporizing CBD eliminates the risk of combustion and preserves the quality of cannabinoids
  • Adapted autonomy thanks to a long-lasting battery and a quick charging system
  • Easy maintenance with a modular design and cleaning accessories provided
  • Compatibility with dried flowers and concentrates for a versatile experience

Risks to consider

  • Inhaling any type of smoke or vapor can irritate the lungs and cause respiratory problems, especially for people with pre-existing respiratory issues.
  • The vaporizer should not be used by children or pregnant or nursing women.
  • It is also important to note that the vaporizer may be hot to the touch and should be handled with care to avoid burns.
  • It is always recommended to consult a healthcare professional before starting to use a vaporizer.

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