Volcano Classic - Silver

The VOLCANO CLASSIC is a premium-quality vape, which is easy to use and produces a purer and more flavoursome steam. It’s ideal for vaping enthusiasts looking for a high-quality vaping experience.

Volcano Classic - Silver
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VOLCANO CLASSIC Vaporizer: A Timeless Classic and One of the Best CBD Vaporizers on the Market!

This CBD vaporizer Volcano Classic utilizes a convection heating method to heat the herb, flowers, or concentrates, which means it uses hot air to extract the active compounds from the plants or concentrates, rather than directly burning them. This heating method produces a purer and more flavorful vapor than traditional combustion, with less irritation to the respiratory tract.

The key strengths of the VOLCANO CLASSIC include:

  • Convection heating method for a pure and delicious vapor

  • Precise temperature control between 130°C and 230°C, for a personalized vaporization experience

  • Easy-to-use balloon system to collect and store vapor

  • Compatible with dried CBD herbs and flowers and CBD concentrates

  • Suitable for group use thanks to its large filling chamber and shareable balloon system

  • Generates vapor that is less irritating to the respiratory tract than direct combustion

  • Considered one of the best desktop vaporizers available on the market

  • High-quality construction

  • Simple to use

  • Made in Germany

  • 3-year warranty (2 years + 1 year upon registration)

♨️ How to use our VOLCANO CLASSIC vaporizer?

The CBD Volcano Classic vaporizer is very easy to use. It has a large filling chamber that can hold up to 0.75 g of dried herbs or flowers or CBD concentrate.

📄 Package contents:

  • VOLCANO CLASSIC steam generator

  • EASY VALVE balloons with mouthpiece (4 pcs)

  • EASY VALVE balloon with adapter

  • Herb filling chamber

  • Filling chamber clips (3 pcs)

  • Filling chamber ring

  • Standard screen set (approx. Ø 30 mm)

  • Liquid pad (approx. Ø 28 x 4 mm)

  • Cleaning brush

  • Air filter set

  • Herb mill/grinder (approx. Ø 55 mm)

  • Power cord

  • User manual

⚠️ CBD Vaporizer, what are the risks?

  • Inhaling any type of smoke or vapor can irritate the lungs and cause respiratory issues, especially for people with pre-existing respiratory problems.

  • The CBD vaporizer should not be used by children or by pregnant or nursing individuals.

  • It's also important to note that the CBD vaporizer can be hot to the touch and should be handled with care to avoid burns.

  • Consulting a healthcare professional before starting to use a CBD vaporizer is always recommended.

For more information, visit: https://www.storz-bickel.com/en/volcanoclassic

👉 Before any consumption of CBD, consult your doctor or a health specialist. Although it may offer health benefits, CBD does not replace any medication or medical treatment. If you're starting CBD consumption, begin with small doses and gradually increase if necessary, taking into account the effects on your body.

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Concernant le site, client depuis plus d'un an j'ai passé une 20aine de commandes sans jamais avoir été déçu par la qualité des produits et par la grande qualité de service à la clientèle, c'est donc avec confiance que j'ai commandé le Volcano Classic à la Ferme du CBD.

La réputation de ce vapo de salon sorti en 2001 n'est plus à faire, c'est un tank avec une grande qualité de vapeur (saveur et gros nuages avec le CBD), très simple à l'utilisation et à nettoyer il est aussi économique, un chargement du bol remplira entre 3 et 4 ballons qui pourront être espacés dans la journée/soirée puisque les plantes ne sont chauffées que quand le ballon est gonflé. (à la différence du Mighty/Crafty+ et Hybride)

Pour ses défauts... la discrétion, la pompe est un peu bruyante et le ballon également lorsque manipulé, les traces de doigts sur le métal qui apparaissent vite mais que l'on retire aussi vite avec un chiffon doux et

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